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Football Attendance Observation

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Time for the second installment of one of my great passions: The University of Cincinnati Football program. Today I will give some more thoughts, opinions from my years of watching and following Bearcat Football. From 2000 to 2006 I was a season ticket holder, and I loved every minute of it. Like I said in my last post I never missed a game and had to leave early only once due to a previous engagement. I came in the brutal September heat, driving rainstorms and bitter cold in November and December. Most of the time my seats were in the upper deck with about 10 other dedicated UC fans. I got to know them very well and they became close friends of mine. I also got to meet some great opposing fans from Louisville, West Virginia, and Miami of Ohio to name a few. They were great people and really made the whole experience that much more enjoyable. I had a real blast in the upper deck. Some of the people I sat with were the greatest, most creative fans in the world. I say this because they did not come to the game after drinking too much tailgating and then coming in swearing every other word. This kind of behavior gets real old real fast, and I would rather not be around it. Oh, I was no angel either. I did some of this myself, and was not proud of it. I quickly realized that wasn’t tolerated, and didn’t do it anymore. Rather, it was more of thinking, creative effort. You see, some games in the mid-2000s were played in less than half-full stadiums (I’ll address the attendance issue later) and when we yelled something the whole stadium could hear us. We would yell at cheerleaders, mascots, and the opposing band. Anything to liven up the TV timeouts. Nothing vulgar mind you. Just something to do. One of my favorite memories was during the UAB game one year where one of their players had to, ahem, relieve himself during the game. He went behind the scoreboard and when he emerged we razzed him unmercifully. We asked him if he washed his hands among other things. Keep in mind the stadium was about half full and no doubt he could here every word we said. He didn’t look up at us but I know he could here every word we said. I’m sure he was really pissed, and if he could he would’ve come up and rang all of our necks!! In retrospect I wouldn’t have blamed him. Another team had a twister board like contraption of 11 spots, I guess to signify who was on special teams. We let them know how dorky that was. Like I said it was all in fun, and it was made fun because all of us made it a point to keep a lot of vulgar talk out of it. There was some unfortunately. We weren’t angels. But for the most part we kept it clean, and for that we can be very proud of how we represented ourselves and the university. This brings us to the issue of attendance. Anybody who has followed UC football over the years knows the Bearcats have had trouble drawing fans. In my seven years there I remember only one sellout (2001 season opener against Purdue) and only two or three games where they had 30,000 or more. The situation got better when the current Notre Dame Coach was here but has seemed to level off in recent years. The low point was in 2004 on a rainy Saturday night. The week before the Bearcats had lost to Army (my second favorite team), breaking the Cadets’ then 25 game losing streak. It was Dantonio’s first year and that loss I believe dropped us to 3-4 with a very good Memphis team coming into town. I remember eating my traditional pre-game Larosa’s pizza in one of the tents, and I was the only person in there!! Just myself and some University Policeman. I bet there weren’t 5,000 people in the stadium that night. Fortunately we won (48-10 I believe, over a team that was in first or close to it in the C-USA), turned our season around and went to a bowl game. What do I think should be done about it? Well, after much consideration, I simply do not know. If I had the answer I would request a meeting with the President, Athletic Director and Coach Tuberville. Cincinnati is pro football, pro baseball, and high school football town. Bearcat Football is behind them. Don’t get me wrong, I root for...

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UC Football in 2013

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It’s the start of July, and in one month it will be the start of one of my great sports passions: The start of University of Cincinnati Football. For seven years I was a season ticket holder, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I never missed a game, and only had to leave early once. That was at halftime due to a prior engagement. I would like at this time to share some thoughts, opinions and other things that come to mind. I have not been able to attend a game in a few years due to work commitments but I still follow the program closely. Hopefully this situation changes and I can get back to Nippert on Saturday afternoons and evenings. I am encouraged by the 85 million dollar investment to upgrade the stadium. This is to build luxury boxes and increase the capacity to 40,000 seats. This keeps the Cats on campus, where they belong. College Football should be played on campus whenever possible. It adds to the aura and excitement and provides a real home field advantage. It’s my understanding that they will play the home games at Nippert this year, move to another location (PBS?) next season and everything should be done by 2015. I have no doubt in the end this will be a wise investment and be a huge boost for the University, the team and its fans. I have also watched a lot of high school football there and it’s a great venue for that as well. I am also very excited about the arrival of Tommy Tuberville as head football coach. This man is simply a great Division 1 college football coach. He has won everywhere he’s been. He has rebuilt Ole Miss and Auburn into quality football programs. This was done in the SEC no less. He led Auburn to an undefeated season and had a winning record against Alabama while he was there. He is one of the very few Auburn coaches who can make that claim. He has coached many All Americans and sent many players on to the NFL. He recently piloted Texas Tech to a winning record coming into a very difficult situation. He had to replace a very popular and successful coach (Mike Leach) and still won in the ultra-competitive Big 12 Conference. To go into such a toxic atmosphere and win speaks volumes of this man’s ability to not only run a program but be a great game coach as well. I also think at age 58 and with his wife being from nearby Indiana that he really doesn’t want to start over anymore. I really and truly believe that we have finally found somebody who wants to really be here and coach here for a long time. This will really help recruiting and especially during bowl season, when players and fans are constantly wondering if our coach is staying. This is one distraction nobody needs, and this will really help us when bowl season rolls around. He’s also coming into a very good situation. He doesn’t need to totally rebuild. He inherits a talented, experienced roster that knows how and expects to win. They won a bowl game last year over a pesky Duke team with only five coaches and dealing with the distraction of the head coach leaving. So really nothing is going to faze these guys. The Cats have two experienced senior quarterbacks who have won at this level. I’m guessing Brendon Kay will be the starter going into preseason camp but will be pushed by Munchie Legeaux, the starter last year until Kay took over late in the year. This is a great situation for us. Kay did a great job but I still like and believe in Legeaux. Munchie is a great talent, with NFL-like ability. I really do believe that. Hopefully he gets more consistent with his passing and if he does it will be hard to keep him on the bench. I can see him on an NFL roster in 2014. I really believe that. We also picked up Gunner Kiel, a transfer from Notre Dame who will be eligible in 2014. By all accounts this kid is a real stud, and we’re happy to have him in a Bearcat uniform!! The Bearcats suffered significant losses in the graduation of leading rusher George Winn and stud TE Travis Kelce. I guarantee Kelce will make an NFL roster since he’s like Brent Celek (one of my all-time favorite Bearcats) only bigger and faster. But with the program the Bearcats have it will be the next man up and will be fine. The...

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